Wednesday, April 3, 2013


I love our house, with a passion, but our house + us + water=hot mess and lots of trips to Menards...I'm not sure if it has to do with the fact that almost all the pipes in our house are probably as old as the house..or seem like it, or what, but it seems that every project we do we always run into "bumps in the road" that make a simple project a pain in the ass. 

As I mentioned here we ran into some problems with the drain from the upstairs tub leaking which was preventing us from finishing the drywall in our downstairs bathroom.

After about a day and a half of fighting back and forth....even though the drain may have won a few battles... we won the war!!!

Our trip to our second home aka Menards for this started out with buying a new drain trap and some pipe sealer.  We were pretty confident that between those two purchases we would have the job sealed in no time... We. Thought. Wrong.  The hubs worked on that drain for over 8 HOURS...and thought he had it taken care of.  Ran the water, no leaks...then relaxed for the night because he was at his whits end with plumbing and water.   He woke up the next morning, got ready for work and left.  Later that day I was looking for the sealer we bought, went into the bathroom and noticed a leak, a very small leak, but a leak regardless.  Since I am in no way shape or form capable of doing anything with what the hubs was working on I just closed the bathroom door. Out of sight, out of mind, right?

The next off day the hubs had he went back in and with fresh eyes looked at the "situation".  With most of our projects we start out with the "simple solution" thinking it can't be that bad, and it always turns out to be way more work then intended...this time around we thought we would have needed to replace everything, and it turned out that all that needed to be done was the drain needed to be tightened.  Really...who know that such a simple solution could solve what we thought was going to be a huge issue.  To be extra cautious we used a spray sealant around where the water was leaking out so we don't run into a problem like what we had before we gutted the bathroom.  If you look at the corner of the ceiling we had a "slight water problem", partially from the drain and partially from the hot mess of an upstairs bathroom

bathroom, leaky ceiling, reno, lathe, water problem

Right now all of the walls have drywall up, and the hubs will be pouring the concrete base for the shower!! Updates to come :)

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