Wednesday, June 7, 2017

10 Months!

Will and Sam here, we turned 10 months old last Sunday and life is pretty fun over here!


We are super mobile, and SO quick so the only way mom and dad can contain us is either in our cribs or in our highchairs (until we figure a way out).

You got any food over there mom?
Seriously lady, stop with the pictures and feed me.
And I just love this pic of Sam.  Most people when they see him he's "old man Sam" and grumpy, but I feel like this one is totally him! <3
This month was filled with lots of snuggles, some tears, and lots of laughs!
I rang in my 31st birthday with these two loves (the hubby was out of town on a work conference)!
My first mother's day happened and the boys made me the most amazing gift ever!
We took the boys to the Wisconsin Dells for their first trip away and we of course had to go to Paul Bunyan's for breakfast!
Willy ate is first bug.  A June bug.  Needless to say that was quite the experience not knowing it was a June bug and pulling it out. I'll spare the details, but I was gagging and Willy was laughing hysterically. *gross*
And the most amazing thing happened.  We have the one last embryo and Tracie said she would help us!  Blessed, excited, nervous, happy, jumping up and down, relieved, just ah... doesn't even begin to explain the amazingness of her doing this for us and the support from her family! <3 Once we figure things out obviously we will post/blog about it! Right now we are in the very beginning stages of figuring out the timeline and all of that fun stuff!

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

9 Months!

We turned 9 months old on the fourth, but mom has been busy and we have been eating like horses and crawling EVERYWHERE, so we haven't had time to post anything until today!

 We are so silly.

We are growing fabulously, eating lots, haven't had any allergies to anything we've eaten and love playing with our sisters (our pups)!

Willy thinks eating is a big party!


They got their shots yesterday, and after some tears were smiling and happy again....

Or at least Willy was smiling.  Sam is Mr. Serious.

My birthday is tomorrow.  Most people dread birthdays, getting old, wrinkles...not me.  Embrace age, it's something that many aren't afforded the opportunity.

The only thing I can't stand is grey hair and bad drivers.  

Thursday, April 6, 2017

8 Months!

We turned 8 months old on Tuesday...Mom was too busy with work to post anything but we guess, better late than never!

We can kind of sit on our own....

But if we get excited this happens...

Food is pretty awesome, but we mostly like chewing on the spoons.

No green milk for us on St. Patrick's Day.... mom was sick and we were getting over our colds so we just snuggled at home and played with our dogs.

 We are having so much fun...Willy has his bottom two teeth in and is crawling EVERYWHERE!  Bathrooms, bedrooms, front doors, under every piece of furniture.  Baby proofing has gone into full effect here!  Sammy crawls when he wants to, I think his motto is "work smarter, not harder!" but he's a little chatter box.  Stories all day long.