Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Bath Fans and Walls

So the hubs and I...mostly the hubs... managed to make a little bit of progress with the downstairs bathroom!

In order for us to get the ceiling up the hubs had to get the bath fan vented out, which was a lot easier of a process then we thought!  He bought an attachment for his drill that allowed him to drill the hole through our siding and into the bathroom.  He then used exterior caulk to seal up the vent to the siding so we could move forward with the ceiling!

bath fan bathroom reno

bath fan bathroom reno
 Once the bath fan was in "we"aka he... started installing the bathroom ceiling which turned out to be a total pain in the ass.  The hubs' is awesome as figuring out the dimensions and cuts, but trying to put up heavy mold resistant drywall on your own, I was helping but am pretty useless, is damn near impossible and made for a really difficult job!

The first piece of drywall he used turned out to be an epic fail and some of the corners got ruined in the process, which led the hubs to installing the ceiling in two pieces.

Once he got to the second piece, the cut was off for the future light so he adjusted the located of the light and everything was smooth sailing from there.  After securing the drywall with a ton of screws, he got one piece done on the wall then we decided to take a break from it, since it was getting late and we were getting hungry.

Right now it's the battle between the upstairs tub drain vs. us....stay tuned to see who wins?!

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