Thursday, March 14, 2013

It's Gettin' Hot in Here!

When the hubs and I started the kitchen reno last May, we just kind of went with the flow with a VERY general idea of what we wanted to do.

Three things that we knew for sure:

1. White Cabinets
2. Butcher Block Counters
3. For it to be finished sometime in the next year or so...

We figured the rest would fall into place and it did.  We originally were going to move the door to the bathroom to the right and extend the counter all the way to the corner to allow for more cabinet space and a dishwasher <---we were kind of crazy to NOT include a dishwasher in the reno, but we didn't want to sacrifice cabinet space..and the room has five frickn' doors in it  (3 being on one wall alone) which equals a lot of unusable space.  In the below pictures where the counter ends, is the area that we were going to extend it and add the dishwasher/cabinets/etc...

Another main reason we did NOT do the extended counter idea was it would involve a lot more structural issues with the wall/door for the bathroom and didn't want the headache!

heat vent kitchen reno

So there are only a few more things that we need to do to the kitchen to make it 100% complete, one of them being, a very important one...heat.vent.

Yes. For about a year we haven't had a heat vent in our kitchen.  Not because of lack of determination or laziness... just because we didn't know what the hell we were going to do.

We finally decided to get both projects done ASAP, we opted out on moving the door over and extending the counter to save our sanity and our bank account.

Yesterday when the hubs was home and I was sleeping, he did it.  He installed the heat vent in the kitchen!!!!!  Best. Surprise  Ever.  Kind of a bummer that springs right around the corner and my feet had to suffer all winter cause those floors were FREEZING...maybe not freezing, but they were super cold!  Walking into that room was like night and day, the desert into the arctic, north and south....a complete change in temperature..but not anymore!  Better late then never and we're one step closer to being done-zo!

heat vent kitchen reno

heat vent kitchen reno

Obviously the baseboard there needs to be repainted and touched up, but finishing that narrows our list for the kitchen down to....2 more things that we need to do:

1. Add artwork between the bathroom door and the door leading out back.
2. Finish the baseboards in the kitchen (installing, caulking, painting)

...and I'm hoping those two things can get done during my off days!!

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