Friday, January 25, 2013

Downstairs Bathroom Reno

The hubs and I will be on vacation at the end of February so the pre planning starts for the bathroom project since we're both hoping to crank it out during that week.  Before we started our kitchen project last May we gutted the bathroom and since then it has been storage for empty boxes and dog food...obviously not what a bathroom should be used for.  I was hoping that the bathroom project was going to be the first thing checked off our list but due to flooring and other bumps in the road the kitchen was done first.

The "before" bathroon didn't have a shower, only a very deep, heavy tub surrounded by drywall, not concrete board and tile.  The floors were laminate and super old, so the combination of both made the bathroom feel really dirty all the time no matter how much I cleaned.

This is a before of the bathroom:

While this room is a little bigger then a coat closet, we have to make the most of the space that we have. 
Our ultimate goal is to install a tiled shower and built in and get the room functional again.  We gutted our upstairs bathroom a few years back and learned a lot from that project, so we're hoping *crossing our fingers* that this project goes a little quicker for us, what I mean by quicker is shorter than five months quicker!

And with a couple of beers, we mustered up the courage to start the demo:

Here's the updated list as of 03/30/13 of everything we need to do and need to buy for this project:

  • Clean out crap aka: empty boxes and dog food from the room
  • Clear out any remaining debris and rip up remaining flooring
  • Remove/replace unused pipe/electrical wiring
  • Replace any weak flooring
  • Install piping for shower/faucet
  • Update electrical
  • Buy concrete board and drywall
  • Frame out shower and built-in
  • Insulate walls
  • Install concrete board and drywall <--80% done.
  • Figure out if we are doing a shower basin or having a tiled shower floor
  • Buy tile
  • Install tile
  • Grout tile
  • Caulk corners
  • Seal grout
  • Paint
  • Touch up paint
  • Install molding/trim
  • Remember that we forgot a bunch of little stuff that we will buy and take forever to put in.
Wish us luck!!!


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  2. This bathroom has a lot of potential to become a more stylish and functional space. You just have to let your creative juices flow, and give this room a personal touch that you want. This will not be an easy project, that’s why planning ahead is very important.
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  3. Your bathroom looks small, but it has enough space if you want to install shelves or a bathroom cabinet. You just have to put them strategically, so that you can maximize the space. Anyway, how did the plan go? Any updates?

    Evon Brow @ Athens Plumbing