Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Bedroom Wainscoting

While our house was built in 1927ish, the upstairs portion of the house was remodeled sometime in the 1950's, so a lot of the woodwork and crafstmenship is a little lesser quality then the downstairs. The hubs and I were trying to think of ideas on how to bring some character to an otherwise empty shell of a room, but the only one we kept coming back to was to try an attempt at wainscoting.  The rooms are pretty small upstairs, so we did not want an elaborated, overly detailed design. 
We started the project by going online and looking at about 1,000 pictures of different wainscoting projects to get an idea of where we wanted to go with it.  Once we got the idea we went through and figured out how many squares per wall we wanted, and measured length and width.




The hubs marked out the height with a chalk line.  With measurements done we headed off to Menard's aka our second home to pick up th supplies we needed.  For this project we ended up using 1x4 and 1x8 Select Pine Board for all the squares and the shelf on top we used 3/4x2 inch Select Pine Board.  Also to finish off the boxes we used cove molding to give it a softer, more finished look.

To be truthful I didn't help out too much with building the wainscoting, it was more of a one man kinda job, but once it came down to sanding, priming, painting and was all me.



Once all the horizontal boards were up, the hubs installed the vertical boards and the cove molding.  Then this is where I came to work....caulking, filling holes, sanding, refilling the holes and resanding, then priming and painting.

And of course June had to get in the picture...

And.......the end results....


This is what we ended up with at the end and were super exicted with the results!!  We both love the contrast between the wall color and the wainscoting. 





Who knew that with just some wood, nails, paint and caulk, such a dramatic difference could be made?!

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  1. Such a great idea!!!
    The new innovation like this hub in the house is looks awesome and also useful.