Saturday, July 20, 2013

Suga Suga....

We have two dogs...a English Springer Spaniel named June which we've had since she was weeks old....and about 15 months ago we adopted the sweetest border collie/lab mix named Sugar.  Probably the reason why she's so sweet...Sugar=Sweet

sugar, dog days, loving dogs, june, going to the farm

She is such a lover, so caring, the sweetest ham dog and just a big lug.  Her being approximately 100 pounds and June being about 40 pounds is hilarious watching the two together.  Sugar thinks she is a small dog and June thinks shes a big dog....confusion? I think yes!  Sugar learned a lot of June's bad habits and eventually thought that she herself was a lap dog.  Imagine trying to have a 100 pound dog on your lap...not the most comfortable thing you've ever experienced!

sugar, dog days, loving dogs, june, going to the farm

I did not even place her paw on June's back.  She did that all on her own and I think it's the sweetest thing ever. Sister snuggle time <3

sugar, dog days, loving dogs, june, going to the farm

A rare moment when both pups were exhausted and passed out on the bed!
sugar, dog days, loving dogs, june, going to the farm

The ONLY downside to Sugar is that she had a dayshift poop/eat/sleep schedule and she likes to jump up on people, which is a habit that we haven't been able to break her from, where as the hubs, June and I have a third shift/second shift poop/eat/sleep schedule.  Yes, our dog June holds a second shift/third shift schedule too.  But what Sugar lacked, she made up for in her temperament and sweet nature!

This is how lazy June is....she can sleep anywhere and in any position!

Like this....

sugar, dog days, loving dogs, june, going to the farm, lazy dog, sleeping on your belly

or like this...

sugar, dog days, loving dogs, june, going to the farm, lazy dog

or here is the icing on the cake....

sugar, dog days, loving dogs, june, going to the farm, lazy dog, eye mask

Yes. She literally has watched me sleep with my eye mask on and will "paw" my face so I can put one on her too. Seriously, what kind of dog sleeps like that? Oh yeah a second shift/third shift dog...
From the first moment my uncle met Sugar it was love at first sight.  He had always mentioned that in the future if the hubs and I decided to have kids and if Sugar was too big or "booty bumping" them around that he would always have an open home for her. forward to me figuring out that I have an uninvited guest and deciding to have a double mastectomy.  I couldn't imagine what kind of damage could be done if Sugar accidently decided to give me a hug and jump up.  Not like she would intentionally try to rip off my non-boobs, but she is just SO affectionate and in constant need of attention that it was a definite possibility.

After a few long nights the hubs and I decided that the best decision for Sugar would be to go up north to the farm...and no...not the "farm" that our parents all told us that our pets went to when we were younger when they were actually put down...this is an actual small farm with goats and chickens up in the woods!

I was a crying mess the night before we gave her to her "real dad".  As much as that big lug drove me and the hubs absolutely crazy when I was trying to sleep during the day or do anything in general, we still loved her!  The hubs and I are happy with our decision now, even though we felt like we were failing her by giving her up, but we know it was the best decision for her in the long run!  We have been getting constant updates from my uncle, she has adjusted well up north and is enjoying the fact that she does NOT have a spoiled rotten Springer pup *cough cough-June* stealing all of her toys out of greed.  She's enjoying the walks in the woods and most importantly enjoying all of the attention that my uncle gives her!

The hubs and I believe that we were meant to get Sugar to have her temporarily so she could ultimately be in her "forever home" with my uncle and romp and roam in the woods like the lab she is!!  She's happy and that makes us happy! We are looking forward to seeing her at the end of August as long as I feeling up to par!

Happy Saturday peeps!!


  1. So glad to hear she's adjusted so well!
    Love you!

  2. And you have done a great thing for Uncle Tom. I know he could never replace his own Jasmine but now he has another buddy. And Ted can't wait for someone to play with up north