Friday, July 19, 2013

6 Days and Counting....

Ever since my surgery date was officially put on the books I feel like the time has just flown by.  I cannot believe that I only have 6 stinking days till I'll be cancer free and boob free...well mostly boob free..definitely nip free!  I feel like I am actually to a point where I can begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

When this whole thing started, there were so many unknowns and the unknown is the scariest part.  Not knowing what stage you are, which I still don't know exactly but doctors are saying Stage 1 for sure, possibly Stage 2.  Chemotherapy is a huge question mark that I still am not sure about and I will not know for sure until after my surgery, but I will embrace it if the doctors tell me I have to do it.  Like I've always said, "I'd rather lose my hair then lose my life!"  Anyways hair grows back and I think, if I had to go through it, I would rock a doo-rag, or a wig, or just being a bald beauty.  Still my chances of going through chemo are small, but there is still a chance.  

Even though there are still a lot of unknowns to me, I have always said that attitude is everything.  I'm definitely the type of person to see the "glass half full" and even though I have had my downer moments through this process, I know 100% that this was meant to happen for a reason and I'm making my reason to be an inspiration to other young women who may be scared out of their minds going through this.

I'm not really the support group type of gal.  Not saying that for other women going through this that support groups are not a good resource, it's just that everything has gone so fast that I don't think I would have had the time to commit to that.  After my surgery is a different story and maybe I might try attending a meeting or two after just to see how they are. 

I am more of a visual learner and what scared me the most what not knowing if I was going to look all stitched up and deformed after the surgery.  It was very difficult, to say the least, to find information or photos of younger women who have gone through this surgery.  I have only found two women close to my age, who have been a huge inspiration and source of comfort, that even though I have never met them, have given me the extra boost of strength I need to get through this!  Save the Women, Not the Tata's is an absolutely amazing blog written by such a strong woman and anyone who is going to have a mastectomy I highly recommend checking out her blog!  The second woman I found on Youtube.  Her name is Haily Peterson and the strength and positive attitude through her entire fight is truly remarkable and awe inspiring! Both ladies have brought comfort to me through this, which in turn is something I hope to provide to someone else who may be fighting the same battle.

Well that was my little rant for the day, I hope that everyone has a great weekend~!!

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  1. Oh sweet girl...what amazes me is that you find me to be an inspiration, when you're one of the most amazing and inspiring women I have ever known!