Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Wainscoting in the Bathroom

We did wainscoting in our upstairs bedroom and absolutely LOVED the way it transformed the room!  That project really gave us the most bang for our buck!  When we decided to redo the downstairs bathroom one of our main ideas, not including subway tile and barn lighting, was wainscoting.  We wanted more simplicity to it and a lot of just straight lines, versus using the cove moulding like we did upstairs to give the wainscoting a smoother inside look. 

We followed the same process as the upstairs, starting out with figuring out how high and how many "boxes" we were going to have!  Since this room is a tight squeeze we opted for less is more.  We only used 1x6 for the base moulding and 1x4's for everything else for this project, no cove moulding, no chair rail, just 1x6's, 1x4's, caulk, primer and paint.

The hubs first started out by installing the door casing around the door and the built-in.

The hubs made level chalk lines on the walls to give him something to follow when attaching the boards.

Once the hubs figured out the placement he went to town cutting the boards and attaching them to the walls. We ran into a predicament in the below picture because where the sink was going to be placed a "normal" board wouldn't have fit, so we opted to use two lathe pieces which worked out perfect!

Once he was done, I went to town using caulk for all the seams and wood filler for all the nail holes.  After that was all dry I primed the wood and the walls and waited for it to dry, then followed it up with the same ceiling white I used on the ceiling.  I originally was going to use the Marshmallow color that I used on the porch and in the upstairs bedroom, but I think the paint took a crap on me and looked more pink then anything, and trust me I mixed it like there was no tomorrow.  I painted the upper walls the same color I used in the walls in the dining room (Almond Brittle 17C-2) in eggshell.

Please excuse the door, that will be  my project this weekend when I'm off of work!

We have made HUGE progress on this bathroom and cannot wait for the big reveal!  We were so excited to finally have a working toilet and sink in the downstairs, we were surprised when we realized it has been over a year since we started gutting this room...damn kitchen projects getting in the way... :)  We cannot wait to do a full reveal early next week!

Here's the updated list as of of everything we need to do and need to buy for this project:

  • Clean out crap aka: empty boxes and dog food from the room
  • Clear out any remaining debris and rip up remaining flooring
  • Remove/replace unused pipe/electrical wiring
  • Replace any weak flooring
  • Install piping for shower/faucet
  • Update electrical
  • Buy concrete board and drywall
  • Frame out shower and built-in
  • Insulate walls
  • Install concrete board and drywall 
  • Figure out if we are doing a shower basin or having a tiled shower floor
  • Buy tile
  • Install tile
  • Grout tile
  • Caulk corners
  • Seal grout
  • Paint
  • Touch up paint
  • Install molding/trim
  • Remember that we forgot a bunch of little stuff that we will buy and take forever to put in.

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