Saturday, March 9, 2013

Porch Painting

Our house has an enclosed front porch...

We love our porch but when we first moved in it was painted an ugly, dated yellow and the floor had a gross, stinky indoor outdoor rug in the middle of it.  When we pulled up the rug we found that the floor was moldy/mildewy and smelled.  One part of the floor actually had the logo to an old bag stuck on it, and no amount of scraping would bring it up.

We ended up using a mixture of hot water and bleach on the floors to help clean them up.

I then went to town painting this room using Sherwin Williams Marshmallow...which took FOREVER!  I didn't realize how long it was going to take initially until I thought I was "done" and realized the next morning that there was SO much touching up I had to do...lesson learned: do not paint when it's getting dark out and there isn't really any decent lighting. 

I ended up just doing another coat of paint over the entire room and think that it turned out pretty decent!

As for the floors we painted them a custom caramel color from Glidden made for floors, which has held up well since we've done the project.

We got the bistro table from Menards and picked up the indoor outdoor rug from Overstock.

The room has definitely cleaned up a lot but still isn't completely finished and want to figure out some cool, funky curtains and a diy curtain rod and replace the light in there with a fan...updates as they happen!


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  2. This one is great. I really love this place.

    1. Thanks!! It's one of my favorite places in our house!