Friday, May 3, 2013

Sprucing up the Dining Room

Happy Friday everyone! I've been a busy bee the passed couple of days!

So this is where we were last week....dark walls and a rug that should have been replaced a LONG time ago!  

I narrowed it down to a few rugs here and the hubs and I decided to buy this one

Three things I LOVE about this rug:

1.Coloring is PERFECT for what I have planned for this room
2.The rug is so much bigger and is more proportionate to the room
3.The price wasn't nearly as bad as I thought. (the rug can be found here)

So to start my vacation yesterday I ran to Menards and picked up some paint (Almond Brittle 17C-2) in eggshell and went to town.

You can see I didn't paint behind the cabinet on the right for two reasons, one because frankly I was on the fence with the color almost the entire time I was painting and most importantly, two I couldn't move it.  The rusty reddish color before was this terracotta and it worked with our house for a few years, but now our styles are changing and we're leaning more towards lighter and brighter. Painting over it was a little nerve wrecking though because the two colors are complete opposites and I wasn't sure how it would work with the flow.

The color is beautiful though, it opens up the room and once I get some artwork up on the walls it will be more finished!

 I'm still touching up areas today and will be painting behind the cabinet and sprucing up the crown molding, which we think will make the walls pop some more!

So for a little recap two days ago we had this:

We bought a rug and went to this:

And I fell off my rocker and painted the walls:

Of course like with every room in our house we always have a list that needs to get done:

  • Finish painting the rest of the walls and touching up areas
  • Paint the crown molding a crisp white (instead of the off white it is right now)
  • Figure out a better center piece for the table
  • DIY some artwork
  • Wainscoting it up!
  • Add some blinds to the windows
Once I get the room 100% or even close to 100% I'll give some updates!!!

Have a great weekend! We are hoping for nice weather next week so we can work on our landscaping project!

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