Monday, June 30, 2014

Field Stone Fire Pit

Who doesn't love a good ol' bon fire? Sitting around one with good friends is what summer and fall nights are made of! Besides painting and moving in, one of the first projects we wanted to get done was to have a fire pit. We had one at our old house, and it did the job but it was small, so this time around we figure "go big or go home". We love how it turned out. Low maintenance, as in if a rock cracks we just replace it. Done.

This project was easy, almost too easy, just place some field stone around in a circle and call it a day. The idea of having a fire pit was the ONLY easy thing. We got a bunch of field stone from my dad that he had, got it delivered and thought it wouldn't be that difficult to move them. No. To move the 10 or 11 stones took us forever. One. At. A. Time. With a wheel barrel. And both of us pulling it completely around the house to the backyard. You may be wondering why we didn't have the stone brought to the back? We've had so much rain around these parts the truck probably would have sunk right in.

Before cutting anything out, we stuck a metal rod into the ground, attached some twine and used the marking spray paint and walked around the metal rod to make a circle.

From there we painstakingly placed all the stones and figured out placement, the hubs edges around the outside of the stones so he knew how far to cut out the grass.  He rolled the rocks out and the hubs cut out the rest of the grass.

When he was done with that, stones went back in and we called it a day.

Funny thing is we were in such a rush to get this done because we were having a party the next day. Did we use the fire pit? Nope. Everyone was either inside the house or hanging in the garage. 

Go figure, but we are excited that we got it done!

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  1. What a great idea. Can't wait to see photos of you and your loved ones sitting around a big fire.