Friday, July 7, 2017

11 Months!

Will and Sam here! We turned 11 months old on the 4th of July! We cannot believe in one month we will be a whole year old!

We went to our first was HOT and we were exhausted!



 Mom and dad had us dedicated earlier this month.  It was so fun to spend time with all of our family and friends!


We are getting into everything....

Well mostly Willy...

Bath time is so much more fun now that we aren't stuck in that small baby tub!

On a side note I had my first PET scan since chemo and am still in remission! Yay us!  I'm going to a different hospital now for them and it is actually easier to navigate to and a lot more comfortable!

The room is much larger then the small closet I had to wait in before!

Me before anxiety meds....

and how I felt once the meds kicked in....

So blessed! <3


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