Wednesday, May 10, 2017

9 Months!

We turned 9 months old on the fourth, but mom has been busy and we have been eating like horses and crawling EVERYWHERE, so we haven't had time to post anything until today!

 We are so silly.

We are growing fabulously, eating lots, haven't had any allergies to anything we've eaten and love playing with our sisters (our pups)!

Willy thinks eating is a big party!

They got their shots yesterday, and after some tears were smiling and happy again....

Or at least Willy was smiling.  Sam is Mr. Serious.

My birthday is tomorrow.  Most people dread birthdays, getting old, wrinkles...not me.  Embrace age, it's something that many aren't afforded the opportunity.

The only thing I can't stand is grey hair and bad drivers.  

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  1. Wild about Willy. Silly about Sam. Happy Happy Birthday!