Thursday, April 6, 2017

8 Months!

We turned 8 months old on Tuesday...Mom was too busy with work to post anything but we guess, better late than never!

We can kind of sit on our own....

But if we get excited this happens...

Food is pretty awesome, but we mostly like chewing on the spoons.

No green milk for us on St. Patrick's Day.... mom was sick and we were getting over our colds so we just snuggled at home and played with our dogs.

 We are having so much fun...Willy has his bottom two teeth in and is crawling EVERYWHERE!  Bathrooms, bedrooms, front doors, under every piece of furniture.  Baby proofing has gone into full effect here!  Sammy crawls when he wants to, I think his motto is "work smarter, not harder!" but he's a little chatter box.  Stories all day long.

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