Saturday, March 4, 2017

7 Months

We are SEVEN months old.  Life is pretty good, we are teething, rolling, grunting, screaming, snuggling and doing a little bit of crawling!  We're sleeping 12-14 hours a night, take one to two naps per day, love mixed veggies and all sorts of fruits!

Willie here, I have a top tooth coming in, am drooling a lot, but I don't really like teething fingers taste pretty good, so who needs them!

I'm sitting up with assistance, but prefer to get my roll on if I need to go somewhere!

Sammy here, although this picture looks like I have no hair, and am rocking the horseshoe style, probably why I'm "old man Sam" hair is coming in pretty good now, maybe someday I might catch up to my bro.  I still only have my one eye tooth coming in, but love chewing on anything and everything.

Mom and dad's friends got us these pretty rockin' hats, Will didn't like his as much as I did.

The weather here in Wisconsin is pretty crazy, we had some super warm days a few weeks ago, so mom and dad took us out for a walk, it was pretty exhausting and we forgot our sun glasses so every time mom would turn a corner the sun would blind us.  Lesson learned and glasses bought.

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  1. Cute Kids and beautiful blog...thanks for sharing these beautiful pics