Friday, January 6, 2017

Hysterectomy & PET Scan Results

About two months ago I had my total hysterectomy in hopes that by evicting my hormone producing lady parts + the others because they aren't really useful anyways, teamed up with Kadcyla, Xgeva, and Goserelin shot that it would knock the hell out of my cancer.  I was sad to lose them, but knowing that I had to do everything I could to stay around for a long time for Chad, Will, Sam and the third embryo is important.  Like all of my other surgeries, the anticipation was the worst part.  I went in, I woke up what felt like five minutes later and was wheeled back after having amazingly doped up conversations with the nurse and my surgeon.  Apparently I thought they were twins and mixed them up.  So a few hours later, after going to the bathroom, eating a little and taking a few naps, a tired Chad and a physically exhausted Emily were released!  I only had one small incision in my belly button, but holy cow I was NOT expecting to be as bloated and crampy feeling as I was, plus on top of things I couldn't lift more than 10 pounds for the next 8 WEEKS, and the boys were weighing in at 13 pounds. Crap.  Chad took off to help with the boys, changings, and all of that fun stuff that goes along with twins.  Being on pain meds I couldn't drive, so when Chad went back to work it was just me and the boys, hanging out, but I managed with short distances and changing them in the living room.  I had my good days followed by very sore days.  I guess I never learn that when I "start to feel good" to be gentle.  I was not expecting the amount of bloating that I had, not sure if it is because of the air they pump in, the fact that I was just a few months out from delivering the boys or the combination of both?  Probably a little bit of everything.  I'm trying to be gentle on my new body right now, but it is hard, but I just keep telling myself that I have had a lot happen over the past couple of months, followed by eating a bowl of ice cream.  Regardless I'm blessed.

I had my PET Scan last week and needless to say I was nervous.  I know that Kadcyla was working based on my numbers and my neck, but anyone would be nervous.  So I did not eat, got all juiced up and got my scan done.  I was so sad when I got home, seeing my babies and not being able to hold them till dinner.  That was rough, but I was hoping it would be worth it.

and it was.
Reading "Excellent treatment response" was amazing.

The day after I woke up to a phone call from the hospital and I knew it was either really good news or really bad news.  It was good.  My Oncologist knew I was nervous, and wanted to make my day.  She made my year.  After I got off the phone I cried, Chad cried.  It was so good.  Then I started calling and texting family and friends, but for some reason I still wasn't convinced.  With really good things and really bad things I keep thinking that this doesn't happen to me, they must have the wrong person.  I guess I have learned through all of this that I never get my hopes up until it is right in front of me.  After meeting with my Oncologist, I decided to have one more round of chemo for good measure and will not be on Arimidex until the end of time, but I'll take that.

We are truly blessed, and while I am completely aware that once you are Stage IV, you will always been Stage IV, never truly carefree, but with Li Fraumeni I was always going to be under all sorts of surveillance anyways, so that is what helps get me through my moments.  With my boys, my husband, the fur babies, amazing friends and family I keep on swimming! 

Hoping for a boring 2017, just watching all of the milestones that Will and Sam go through!

When times get stressful, I tend to go MIA from blogging, but if you're interested in seeing the day-to-day of a cancer fighting, twin raising, diy loving mom, follow me here!

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  1. Gosh, I wish you the best and hope that the chemo helps! My mom is going to probably have to have a hysterectomy but hers is because her uterus is literally trying to come out of her. I didn't even know this was a thing until recently! I hope you have a "boring" 2017 as well, and will keep you in my prayers.

    Kacey @ Glendale MRI