Wednesday, January 4, 2017

5 Months

Hey guys, Will and Sam, we are 5 months old, eating a lot and loving life!

Sam here, I'm cutting my first tooth, (my eye tooth, which is pretty unique since most babies get their bottoms in first, but I'm one unique little baby) which is exhausting but I'm always smiling.  I guess my mom's first tooth was her eye tooth...Maybe that is why she calls me her mini.  I'm mesmerized by cartoons, having deep conversations with anyone that will listen and LOVE pulling moms hair.  Mom and dad have been giving me bananas and I love it.  So much better than formula, but I'll take that too!

Will here! I'm finally making more than "one look" and am smiling once in a while...but not very often.  I don't have any teeth coming through yet, but teething is miserable and I'm not happy unless mom or dad are holding me.  At least I'm cute...and a great snuggler.  Like Sam, I love bananas and am so excited to try new foods!!

We recently celebrated our first Christmas! We got to snuggle with so many people!!

We watched our grandma and grandpa get married! How amazing, and hopefully grandpa will finally give us his wings or turkey pumpkin soup recipe!

Life is pretty good with these two, but damn it can slow down! <3

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