Thursday, June 16, 2016

Stenciling A Ceiling

When we moved into our house the ceiling in our guest bedroom had glow in the dark stars all over.  In my attempt to remove them, I also removed part of the ceiling.  Fabulous. 

I hate painting ceilings.  I think I would rather have dental work done then paint a ceiling.  Seriously.  Well regardless, I painted the ceiling.  Although I learned from previously painted ceilings, I still managed to miss parts.  So my way of attempting to add a little spice to the bedroom, ANNNDDD help with my inability to properly paint a ceiling, I added some color and a stencil and went to town.

We added this light, and are loving how this room is turning out!

I had no rhyme or reason as to where I placed the stencil, I just eyeballed it, overlapped a few for fun and when it felt done, I was done!  The stencil I got from Michaels Craft Store a while back and used it on this project and the paints I also used on the same project and  had some extra laying around in the basement from other projects, so really this project didn't cost me anything!

Although this project has been done for a while now, we are slowly getting things done and hopefully will be complete before the boys arrive!!

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