Sunday, June 19, 2016

29 Week Bump

How Far Along: 29 weeks!
Feeling: Stuffed
Weight: I'm not even counting anymore... :)
Cravings: Chocolate milk and nachos
Mae & June: This week, every single morning, as soon as Mae notices that I'm awake she crawls, literally crawls, to me and has morning snuggles.  She is so affectionate while June on the other hand is very indifferent.
Sleep: Sleep is decent.  My belly is getting so big that when I roll over at night sometimes it feels like I'm pulling a muscle which wakes me  up.  I have learned to just take it slow when I do.
Energy: I have lots of energy, lots of stuff getting done.  It's almost like I have a second wind.  On another note the boys are completely crazy, they are bouncing, moving, shaking, and dancing CONSTANTLY.  It is definitely an amazing feeling.
Looking Forward To: Seeing my baby boys. <3
I have recently noticed the beginning of stretch marks... I figured I was not going to get out of this pregnancy without a few "battle scars", but I'm trying to keep them at bay with TONS and TONS of lotion.  I'm practically bathing in it.  I just think they are growing so fast that my skin cannot keep up.  Right now things are so sensitive, everything that touches my stomach hurts.  I had an ultrasound last Thursday and Baby A weighs 3 pounds 1 ounce and Baby B weighs 3 pounds 2 ounces which may explain the recent additions of stretch marks.  My little chunky monkeys, but I'm so happy they are growing and are healthy.  My OB is definitely happy with how things are progressing.
Any recommendations for stretch marks or keeping my stomach from being so sensitive?


  1. My sister is expecting and now planning to host a fun baby shower for her. We really don’t want to organize the event at home and looking for Chicago venues within our budget. Hoping to find one pretty soon.

    1. I hope everything works out with finding a venue!