Sunday, June 12, 2016

28 Week Bump

*June was clearly not having it today.....she is so dramatic.
Please excuse my belly blocking the chalkboard, I didn't realize it until now.  My eggplants are causing me to have a harder time getting out of bed, but it's nothing a little momentum can't help!

How Far Along: 28 weeks!
Feeling: Fabulous!
Weight: I've gained 13 pounds total
Cravings: Steak and potatoes
Mae & June: My sweet fur babies
Sleep: My sleep is amazing lately!
Energy: The swelling in my feet is putting a damper on my ability to do anything, but I'm managing.
Looking Forward To: My ultrasound this Wednesday, I can't wait to see my baby boys!

*On a different note, yesterday I celebrated three years since I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  This has been the longest, shortest three years of my life, and I remember feeling like I was crushed, couldn't breathe an was never going to get out of it.  Just remember, it does get better. <3

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  1. So happy for you Emily ... can't wait to see photos of your beautiful boys!