Friday, March 11, 2016

15 Week Bump

TGIF! Sorry for the delay but work conferences and crazy schedules in the way of staying on top of my updates....

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How Far Along: 15 weeks!!!
Feeling: Fabulous!!  I feel so refreshed, energized and just ready to take on anything.
Weight: Back down a pound to my original weight....if you're interested to know I was 172 starting (yowza), dropped to 162, then have stayed around 165.
Cravings: Panera's turkey, bacon and avocado sandwich and their broccoli cheddar soup.  Always hits the spot.  I also have this strangely unusual craving for sour patch kids....I've been eating them till my tongue gets raw, then try to eat a few more.
Mae & June:  Sweet, snuggly and my love bugs.
Sleep: Pretty good! Hip pain is still there, but I met with my OB and she gave me a referral for physical therapy to hopefully help it!
Energy: It has shot through the roof! Feeling great, probably besides being in the second trimester, the weather in Wisconsin has gotten more Spring like, so that helps!
Looking Forward To: Food. I'm always looking forward to my next meal.

We had an ultrasound today at my OB's and got to visit with the boys! The ultrasound tech confirmed that yes, they are BOTH boys....*sigh of relief* and they are growing, healthy and that she "loved" my placenta.... Haven't heard that compliment before, but I'll take it! <3

Hope everyone has an amazing weekend!

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