Friday, May 8, 2015

It's A Boy(s)...

I shared yesterday that after what felt like the longest week of our lives we found out that three out of the six embryos were not affected with Li Fraumeni Syndrome.  

When I spoke with Amy at Froedtert, I asked if she could send me over the results that Natera sent to them, which she did right away.  As soon as I got them I was reading through, not really understanding much of it, but from somewhat paying attention in science class in high school, I remembered my teacher talking about the sex of a baby is either a XX chromosome =female, or XY chromosome=male.

I did a triple take on the results, because Chad and I were not expecting to find out the sex of them and frankly all we want is a healthy baby, but this is just an added bitter sweet bonus.  If you look under "Chromosome Testing Details" that's where it shows the sex of the embryos.

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The three unaffected embryos (Unaffected an Euploid Results) are boys. One of the three affected (Abnormal Results) embryos is a boy and two are girls.

Finding this out is standard practice for people in my situation because then if there was a female embryo, and a male embryo or two females, one male, etc... we would get to choose which sex to implant when we go down that path.  Since they are all boys, well obviously that does not matter.

I am sad because I always wanted a girl, but knowing that the hubs and I have done everything in our power to prevent bringing one of these children into the world with Li Fraumeni Syndrome and possibly sometime in their lifetime getting cancer, brings peace to me in this decision.

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  1. Oh this is wonderful news! I've been away from your blog for the longest time. So happy to read you again. xxx