Wednesday, June 24, 2015

DIY Distressed Sconces

To go with our distressed, industrial-ish theme we are working on in our basement we decided to keep the party going with some sconces.  We did the same thing as here and here and really think this finishes that area.

We found the "candle holders" aka drinking glasses from Target for about $2.00/per and hot glued them to the wood platform that was attached to the galvanized pipe.

The candles, I got from Target and are battery operated  because I really do not want to burn down my house.  They are really nice and have a timer so we have one less thing to worry about!


One slight problem we ran into was when we hot glued them to the platform, we obviously had issues with being able to get whatever we put in it, out.  So to fix that problem, I added some character to it by adding some acorns to the bottom.  **We will eventually end up gouging out a hole in the platform for the glasses to sit in since the hot glue makes it difficult to get the candle/anything we put in them out.

Tying up any loose ends??

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