Thursday, May 7, 2015

PGD Results...

So for those of you who don't know, once I was diagnosed with breast cancer, my husband and I decided to have an egg harvesting procedure done before I started chemo to ensure we had some non-chemo affected eggs (kiddos) and ended up with six frozen babies.

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Once I was diagnosed with Li Fraumeni, we went through with PGD testing of the embryos to see which ones, if any were carriers.

We originally were told that the biopsies were going to happen on April long as the lab was free, and it wasn't.

Then the next tentative date was scheduled for April 23rd, if the lab was free, and it wasn't.  Again.

They did tell me though that they would be available the week of April 27th and would call me once they were completed with the results.

I was at a doctor appointment this past Tuesday and missed the call from the lab, but my mom came with and spoke with the embryologist who said to give her a call back.  Which I did immediately and she told me that ALL six embryos SURVIVED the thawing process, were SUCCESSFULLY biopsied and refroze.  I was so overcome with happiness that I lost it when I got off the phone with her.  At least with this news they were happy tears. 

They shipped off the biopsied samples to Natera the next day (Wednesday, April 28th), with them arriving that night and I received confirmation on Friday that the testing to see if they carry the same genetic mutation that I do (Li Fraumeni-TP53) on the biopsies had already begun.

Fast forward to this morning, 8:06AM....I received a call from Amy at Froedtert letting me know she had some good news.  Out of the six embryos that we had biopsied and tested THREE of them came back NOT carrying the genetic mutation!  I am beyond elated with this news, but at the same time have a mix of emotions for the three that carried it.  On one hand I am blessed to know this information, because knowledge is power, but I have a sense of sorrow for the ones that carried it. My husband and I will obviously not purposely bring a child into the world that carries the mutation that results in a lifetime of stress and cancer diagnosis'.  While I mourn the three that carry the mutation, I celebrate the three that do not and hopefully the hubby and I can have kids that will hate us someday.

With my birthday coming up on the 11th, I could not have asked for a better 29th birthday present!


  1. Hi Emily, it appears we have a lot in common. 1) My name is Emily 2) I have Li-Fraumeni 3) I've also had breast cancer 4) I'm in the middle of IVF/PGD too What a crazy life we are both living! I would love to connect with you if you are willing to talk... there are not many people that can relate on even one of points above, let alone all of them!

    1. Yes I would absolutely LOVE to connect! Are you on Facebook? Look me up, either CarriUsHome or Emily Carriveau. My pic is me and my hubby and he's wearing a bowtie. There are a lot of us with Li Fraumeni!! If you don't have facebook,