Monday, June 3, 2013

The Hunt for a Bathroom Mirror

Between our sink and our light there's something missing....

bathroom, antique mirror, sink, decor, mirror, alligatoring

a mirror...

I thought originally, "oh just a mirror, that will be easy"...I was SO wrong.  The space between the bottom of the light and the sink area is surprisingly farther apart then I thought...AND the width between the shower and the towel rod is pretty narrow.  I was really open to anything, with a frame, without, color didn't matter because if I didn't like it I'd paint it, it just had to be the right size and have the ability to be hung with picture wire.  When we did the wainscoting in the bathroom we didn't really think about a mirror in the moment and the higher ledge would make it difficult for short people like me to see the mirror if it was above the top of the wainscoting, unless I was on my tippy toes.  That's why we decided picture wire was the way to go with how to hang it.

I went EVERYWHERE I could think to try and find a mirror, Target, Walmart, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Home Depot, Menards, Lowes...with no luck.

Until my mom and I were putzing around one day and went to Sugar Creek Antique Mall and I found this beauty hidden on a shelf! It was love at first sight and I knew it was the one!

bathroom, antique mirror, sink, decor, mirror, alligatoring

I love the alligatoring of the wood!  It goes with my whole mixing the old and new sort of style I have going on.  This mirror has to easily be 100+ years old and I amVERY happy to have it as a part of my home now!

bathroom, antique mirror, sink, decor, mirror, alligatoring

bathroom, antique mirror, sink, decor, mirror, alligatoringIt's hard to tell from the pictures, but the glass even has this crackle thing going on which I LOVE!
bathroom, antique mirror, sink, decor, mirror, alligatoring

I especially love how the mirror matches the wall decor that we found at Target!  The dark in the mirror and the wall decor really pops against the light colors that we have throughout the bathroom!

It's crazy how things seem to work mom and I weren't even planning on going to that antique store, but I am so happy that we went because now I have a beautiful mirror added to our home!

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