Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Porch Light Switcharoo

We watched to switch out this light.  Don't get me wrong the light is a beauty, but the switch for the outside light is connected to the porch light.  Kind of defeats the purpose to have both lights on at the same time.  I came up with this great idea to replace the light with a fan/light.  Then we could turn off the light when we want the outside light on.

This is what we had to start out with:

porch, light, fan, menards, junction box
porch, light, fan, menards, junction box

...and after a lot of frustration, sweat and stress we have this:

porch, light, fan, menards, junction box
Don't you love the change??

porch, light, fan, menards, junction box

Nope that is not a mistake.  This is not the same picture put in the wrong place.  No your eyes are not seeing things!  This is the same light!!
  This project was a total fail!!!

We bought the fan back in January from Menards but haven't had time to hang it until yesterday.

porch, light, fan, menards, junction box

We thought it would be wham, bam, thank you ma'am and we would have a nice update to the porch. Nope, not our luck!

The hubs realized he was in some trouble when he took the light down and noticed the junction box wasn't attached to anything, just free floating above the ceiling. Awesome.

porch, light, fan, menards, junction box

So...after dreaming about if we had unlimited amounts of money and ripped down the ceiling, which led to us completely redoing the porch and making it open, or making more holes in our walls to rerun electrical, we opted to re install the light and sit on it for a while longer until we can really figure out what we want to do.

So that's where we are at right now....fan-less, with an epic fail of a light to fan switch.


  1. LOL at the “drastic change” you had with your outdoor light fixture, Emily! :-D But kidding aside, it's a pity that your anticipated easy project failed, and you are left to deal with the unsolved problem with your light and fan switch. Well, how is it now? Were you able to successfully deal with it?
    Allison @ Outdoor Lighting Perspectives

    1. We actually were able to get it resolved! A local company contacted us and offered to help out! http://carriushome.blogspot.com/2013/08/cardinal-homes-blew-us-away.html