Friday, April 26, 2013

DIY Built-in Bathroom Cabinet Part II

So the hubs has managed to make some more progress on the bathroom built-in and I am so excited to finally see things coming together!

In DIY Built-in Bathroom Cabinet Part I we got the built-in framed out and ready for drywall and shelves.

bathroom, reno, built in, 2x4's
The hubs used mold resistant drywall to to cover the outside front edges and the upper portion of the built-in and used cement board for the outsideportion where the shower wall is going to be.  He also cut the drywall to size and secured it on the interior of the built-in.  We talked about whether or not to use plywood or drywall for the interior walls of the built-in and decided to use drywall, mainly because we had a ton left over from the project and also we think it will be easier to finish off.  We are not going to tape and mud the seams of the interior of the "cubby", rather we are going to fill all the screw holes and make them smooth and then caulk the seams and paint.

He then took quarter inch plywood and cut it to size and installed it as the shelves. 

Once that was all finished the I took drywall compound and started filling all the holes around the built-in, and the bathroom, let it dry, then mudded some more, let it dry and mudded.  Once that final coat was dry I sanded the hell out of it until it was smoother then a baby's butt.

And that's where we are at right now.  Next step is to sand the plywood, prime, paint, caulk, touchup and add trim around the built-in! Updates to come!!

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