Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A Bedroom Redo...

This bedroom took FOREVER for us ME to redo...I think mostly due to a mental block with color and design.  When we first moved into the house the walls in this bedroom and the other bedroom had a pink upper portion and a blue or purple lower section divided by a really sweet horse/butterfly wallpaper (totally our style and we were really sad to paint over it -sarcasm-) We initially painted that room and the other bedroom a neutral tan-ish color just to change things up since we had a friend staying with us at the time.

One night, a few months ago, I was just putzing around the house and came upon a gallon of paint that the hubs and I bought for our upstairs bathroom reno project but decided against using because we thought the color wouldn't match quite right with the tile we chose.  The paint can has been sitting in a closet upstairs for over a year and I knew I wanted to use it but didn't quite know on what, until a light bulb went off and I got to work.

See I have a real problem with spontaneously starting projects, especially when we have other, more important, pressing projects, but I thought why not, the hubs is at work.  So I got to painting and ended with this:

The bedrooms kind of small, so it didn't take long at all to cut in and paint, but like the other bedroom both
the hubs and I wanted to make it unique somehow, or try to give it some character and warmth.  We talked about using pallets on the accent wall like this:


...but in my moment of "wanting to get this room functional and not having pallets on hand or the capability to get this done on my own" decided to use some spare paint we had used in the downstairs bedroom and painted the accent wall a rich chocolate color.  I love how it complements the rusty yellow walls and makes this small room feel warm and inviting.  I still really want a wood plank wall in that room, maybe once our bathroom project is done...??

The wall is kind of bare and definitely needs some artwork but it's a huge difference from before!

I got this dresser and the end table from my grandma, they were pieces that she had as long as I can remember and to now have it in my home means a lot.

The duvet and flannel sheets we got from target (I don't think they have the sheets there anymore) and layered it with an afghan that was crocheted by my grandma.

I really love how everything in this room came together so most of the projects the hubs and I do thinking about them takes longer then actually doing them!

There still are a few more things that we need to do to have this room be 100% done:

  • Replace the outdated shades with some natural woven shades
  • Construct a wood plank wall on the accent wall
  • DIY/find some artwork
  • Get the messy closet organized and functional