Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Downstairs Bathroom Update!

When we started this bathroom project last May all we knew was that we wanted to get rid of the tub, and give that room a fresh look.  Fast forward to yesterday, the hubs and I (mostly the hubs) made some huge progress by  framing out where our future shower and built in is going to be.  We are so excited to see how this room is taking shape!

 This is the future shower floor!

We The hubs also got the concrete board on the floor and insulation in the walls!

The flooring and shower walls we want to turn out like the below picture.  We love the look of hex-tile and subway tile in a bathroom.  Since our house is from the 1920's we think that "vintage" type look will really go with the era of the house.

An interesting floor, and in particular an interesting vintage style floor, helps to give some interest to this bathroom, where the walls appear to be simple subway tile with no decoative border. Image via Houzz – Valerie Pedersen Interior Design.

Our one concern was how we were going to do the shower floor.  I really LOVE the idea of a tiled shower floor, but the hubs' main concern was water leaking and stability.  We looked at shower pans but the ones we looked at seemed kind of cheap (not saying that if anyone else uses them they do), but it just wouldn't work for our project.  Then we looked at the Tile Redi Shower Pans, and although they seem like a great design, they were a little out of our price range.

After doing a ton of research we found an awesome video on Youtube that helps with the construction of a mortar shower pan:

Even though the hubs knows the basics of what needs to be done, this video is really giving us the insight that we need to ensure everything is done properly and not a stone is left unturned!

Here's the list of everything we need to do and need to buy for this project:

  • Clean out crap aka: empty boxes and dog food from the room
  • Clear out any remaining debris and rip up remaining flooring
  • Remove/replace unused pipe/electrical wiring
  • Replace any weak flooring
  • Install piping for shower/faucet
  • Update electrical
  • Buy concrete board and drywall
  • Frame out shower and built-in
  • Insulate walls
  • Install concrete board and drywall
  • Figure out if we are doing a shower basin or having a tiled shower floor
  • Buy tile
  • Install tile
  • Grout tile
  • Caulk corners
  • Seal grout
  • Paint
  • Touch up paint
  • Install molding/trim
  • Remember that we forgot a bunch of little stuff that we will buy and take forever to put in.
Today's another day and we're hoping to get some walls up? Maybe....


  1. I can see that you have a lot of ideas on your mind and it helps that you have a clear vision of what you really want. I suggest hiring plumbers instead of working on your own to be assured of the outcome. However, there's no harm in trying; and if you think you can’t do it, you always have an option.

  2. Thanks! The hubs and I are all for hiring out when needed, but he's great at figuring this kind of stuff out and it's coming along great!