Monday, March 4, 2013

Bathroom Tile

Since our bathroom update a few days ago...we haven't gotten as far as we wanted to on this project this week....but we did buy the tile for the shower and are SO happy that we have one more thing crossed off our list!

We went with white subway tile from Home Depot:


and we are doing a border within the shower of this beautiful tile we found at Home Depot.

It's called Arctic Ice Mosaic Glass Tile:


The picture doesn't do the tile justice, it actually looks like more of a very light blue or aqua in person.  The border is going to be three rows high and be placed somewhere midway up in the shower.

Electrical in the bathroom is updated along with the plumbing!  We have found out that most of the pipes in our house are so rusted inside that there is barely any space for the water, which is expected with a house built in the late 1920's and makes sense why our water pressure sucks!  The plumbing has taken a huge chunk of time out of the project, which involved us being waterless for a day and a half, but now that it's done its such a relief that we don't have to worry about any bursting or rusted out pipes!

We also bought the rest of the concrete board and mold resistant drywall that we need for the bathroom.

This week we didn't get as far as we would have wanted, but the hard part is over and hopefully soon we can get some walls up and tile laid.

Here's the list of everything we need to do and need to buy for this project:

  • Clean out crap aka: empty boxes and dog food from the room
  • Clear out any remaining debris and rip up remaining flooring
  • Remove/replace unused pipe/electrical wiring
  • Replace any weak flooring
  • Install piping for shower/faucet
  • Update electrical
  • Buy concrete board and drywall
  • Frame out shower and built-in
  • Insulate walls
  • Install concrete board and drywall
  • Figure out if we are doing a shower basin or having a tiled shower floor <-- DIY tiled floor!
  • Buy tile
  • Install tile
  • Grout tile
  • Caulk corners
  • Seal grout
  • Paint
  • Touch up paint
  • Install molding/trim
  • Remember that we forgot a bunch of little stuff that we will buy and take forever to put in.

Now that we're done with our vacation and going back to work I'm sure progress will slow down a lot on the bathroom but we are determined to get it done within the next six weeks!  Wish us luck!!


  1. Serious lover of your blog, a considerable number of your blog posts have really helped me out. Looking towards updates!

    1. Thank you! We've got a lot in store so keep reading and hope we can help you out more!

  2. You have to lay the bathroom tiles perfectly around the tub to get a good appearance. You have to measure the number of rows required to install the tiles by marking them using one tile. Before installing you should know the number of tiles that fit in a row and column.

  3. Instead, tile part of the wall in an interesting design to create a feature wall. This would create a focal point that draws the eyes of guests and helps to anchor the overall look of the bathroom.

  4. Just a quick noteI wound up going with a dark black/brown counter. I will post photos in a later update.
    Glass Tile and Mosaic Tile