Sunday, December 4, 2016

4 Months

Hey guys, Sam here! My brother and I are FOUR months old today and life sure is great!  We are laughing a lot, I'm rolling over, and I know Will will soon follow, he is almost there.  We are both drooling a ton, love chewing on anything cold, and mom and dad suspect we are teething.  We get to see the doctor this week to get more shots, at least we get some pretty cool band aids and a nap after!


I'm still pretty squirrelly, which makes it hard for mom to get a picture of me!

We had our first Thanksgiving and got to meet so many new faces.  Mom and dad started giving us little tastes of food, yummy yummy in our tummy.

Mom took us and got pictures of us looking like snowmen.....I'm sure mom will use these to embarrass us when we are older.  We love Denise though and she takes amazing pictures of us!

We also got to meet this guy named Santa....hopefully he brings us what we asked for (an El Camino) and mom has nothing to do with that request.

Being elves is exhausting....

***Chemo/Surgery Update***
I get my sixth round of Kadcyla this week, am healing up from my hysterectomy and have a follow up with my surgeon this Thursday.  I'm still puffy feeling and have had a slight bulge at the location where the incision was made so hopefully it's not a hernia and it's just my body taking a little longer to heal.  Granted having a c-section four months ago, and then this surgery less than a month ago, plus chemo and stress, I'd say my body has been through some hell.  I have a PET Scan scheduled for December 27th, with a follow up with my oncologist on the 28th to see if this cocktail knocked out all of the cancer cells.  While based on my numbers and that I haven't had any swelling in my neck since my second round of chemo I am optimistic and hopefully I can meet NED (No Evidence of Disease) and start 2017 on a positive note and get back to work because we all know medical bills don't pay themselves....but I do still have a little scanxiety.

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