Tuesday, October 4, 2016

2 Months

Hey guys, it's the boys!!  We are two months old, eating like piggies and love alternating who stays awake.

I'm Sam....the night owl.

...and I'm Will....the pooper.

We love spending our days lounging.....

and mom loves taking pictures of us.....even when we are a mess.

Seriously mom, put the camera away...or else.

And here was little Sammie earlier this week....the faces this kid makes.


...on a side note, I had my third round of chemo today.  I'll be getting a PET scan in early November to see if the Kadcyla is working on getting me to remission, once I know a date you guys will!  November 7th is the date that I will be getting my total hysterectomy.  My anxiety got the best of me today in my consult appointment with the surgeon and I cried....not because I was scared of another surgery but because I am sad that while it was my game plan to have my lady parts removed, I didn't plan on it so early.  It's another thing that cancer stole from me...BUT what keeps me going are my two babies.....they make ALL of this worth it.

As of right now I'm relaxing with my babies *hubby included* enjoying baby snuggles....baby snuggles are a cure-all to any ailment.

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