Monday, July 4, 2016

31 Week Bump

Wishing everyone a safe and fabulous 4th of July!

How Far Along: 31 weeks!
Feeling: Large and in charge
Weight: Total, I've gained about 18-20 pounds
Cravings: Chocolate milk and nachos
Mae & June: June hasn't been listening at all to either the hubby or I, selective hearing we call it, because as soon as we say "treat" or outside she definitely hears us.  With that said she has been running behind this shed that we have and not listening to us when we call her back, so on goes the shock collar.  Now to those of you that are against it, we have only had to "zap" her a few times in her six years of life and it was on one of the lowest settings it could be on.  Today when I put it on, it's not even charged and I lost the clicker for it.  I showed her a black flashlight that we have and she doesn't know the difference.  You know how far she ran? 10 feet from the house, not behind the shed like she has been.
Sleep: Who needs sleep?
Energy: My feet, legs and hands are swollen if that explains anything.
Looking Forward To: Spending time with family on the 4th, eating good food, creating great memories and maybe seeing some fireworks!

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