Saturday, April 30, 2016

22 Week Bump

How Far Along: 22 weeks!!!
Feeling: This trimester has definitely been good to me!
Weight: I haven't weighed myself, but I know I'm healthy, eating right and getting my exercise!
Cravings: The past week to ten days I've been craving cereal....Breakfast, lunch or dinner, snacks in between, cereal cereal cereal!
Mae & June: Sweet as always.  On a side note, Mae and June's sister and aunt have been over spending quality time with them a few days a week...

and when Bella and Chase leave for the night Mae is always sad and watches them from the window.  So adorable!

Sleep: Sleeping through the night but waking up at 3 and 6am to pee...still.
Energy: So much energy lately! We've been doing tons and tons around the house to get things in order for the boys' arrival!
Looking Forward To: May... I, along with a few of my close friends all have birthdays in May so we are looking to celebrate our big 3-0! I'm looking forward to celebrate my mom and step dad's birthdays at the end of the month too!  This is definitely a busy month with a wedding I'm standing up in, and my baby shower is coming up....but it will be filled with so much happiness!!

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