Saturday, March 26, 2016

17 Week Bump

Another busy week leads to a late post, but here you go!

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Mae brought her "giraffe baby" to the picture. <3

How Far Along: 17 weeks!!!
Feeling: Great!
Weight: Up two pounds to 167
Cravings: I still have a love-love relationship with Panera and Sour Patch Kids.
Mae & June:  This past week June wants nothing to do with me, where Mae has been extra loving. I'm hoping June is acting this way because of the haircut or spa day she got earlier this past week:

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She loves how she feels after, but you would think she is being tortured if you mention the word...."haircut"...or "ear cleaning"....or "nails trimmed".  She is such a diva.

Sleep: Sleeping much better with physical therapy.  While my right side still hurts, walking helps a ton.  At least this weather is changing some so I can get moving!
Energy: Still tons of energy, which I'm taking advantage of since this window may close in the third trimester!  With that extra energy the hubby and I got the cribs put together and are working on switching rooms around, cleaning the basement and getting the house in order.  I'm guessing nesting is in full effect in this house.
Looking Forward To: Food....Always....and warm weather.

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