Tuesday, February 23, 2016

13 Week Bump

I am elated to be finally entering the second trimester!!

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How Far Along: 13 weeks
Feeling: That I am ready for spring so I can get my walk on.
Weight: I'm up one pound from last week.
Cravings: Soups and sweets....I've been trying to fight my sweet cravings with fruit, but sometimes you need a chocolate malt to cure yourself!  I really have no food aversions, except chicken.  The thought of it grosses me out, which I'm fine which since I wasn't a huge fan before anyways.
Mae & June:  Sweet, snuggly and my love bugs.
Sleep: Decent, hip pains this week making me feel like an 85 year old woman when I get out of bed. I purchased this pillow to help and while I'm getting way more sleep it's still somewhat painful when I wake up but goes away when I walk it off.
Energy: Depends on the minute.  I'm having a hard time focusing unless the hubby is around, so trying to get anything done during the day is near impossible.
Looking Forward To: Spring.  I think everyone can agree on that one?  While the snow has melted though, I'm not looking forward to picking up all of the poop that has accumulated this winter.

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  1. Dear Emily n, I have been absent from your and my own blog for almost 3 months. Have moved and emigrated in the meantime. But oh, I'm so glad to hear you are doing well and I'm so happy to read that your pregnancy is giving you so much joy. One word: enjoy. Enjoy every moment, as much as you can.