Tuesday, November 4, 2014

I am Unremarkable

To hear that I am unremarkable is the most amazing thing I have ever been called, and I'm not joking.  Not. One. Bit.

I had a full body MRI/brain scan on October 30th and had a follow up appointment with a Neurologist today to go over my results.

One positive thing:  They found that I had a brain...Yup.  I have a brain....and my brain has no holes, lesions, tumors, lumps or bumps.  *Phew* How awesome!

One not so terrible, but means I have to have a second MRI of that area thing they found, "Restricted diffusion and T1 hypointensity of the left femoral neck/interochanteric region" and recommended a dedicated left hip MRI.  I had been having some discomfort or soreness from that area, but my genetic counselor explained it to me like it was more of an "abrasion" on my hip and is nothing to be overly concerned about.  So with her explanation and calming affect, I wasn't as much of a mess because when the Neurologist said that came up on the scan I completely zoned out, didn't hear anything else and automatically assumed I had cancer again.  I was really scared, which resulted in me being a baby...and crying.  I am thankful though that my mom was there because she heard all of the positive things about it, and helped calm me down. 

***I completely recommend anyone going through any sort of stressful treatment to bring a second or third set of eyes and ears to ALL of your appointments because there is SO much that I have missed that my wonderful husband and my loving mom catch!***

But the best thing about the whole scan was written right under the recommendation for the second MRI on my left hip: "Otherwise UNREMARKABLE whole-body MRI survey"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was elated.  Before I was diagnosed with Li Fraumeni (here and here) if  I had a headache, it was just a headache.  If my leg was sore, I thought, "oh crap I must have twisted it, or exercised too much."  If my stomach hurt, "Oh I must have eaten something wrong."  Now, all I think of, "shit, this must be cancer."

It feels as if a weight has been lifted off my chest with this news and although I'm not completely out of the clear for the rest of my life I am taking this positivity and running with it. 
Today was an amazing day!


  1. Hi Emily, I have just found your blog and I'm very pleased that you are 'unremarkable'!! Congratulations : )

    1. Thanks! Who knew hearing that would bring a smile to my face?! I hope you enjoy!

      Em C

  2. Emily--such great news. I'm thrilled for you.

  3. Emily, any news on the second MRI and your left hip? I missed that in your last post.
    As to bringing a second pair of eyes and ears.. very true. I wish I could. X