Friday, July 25, 2014

Ready To Rock

****Warning: I have pictures below of my tissue expansions not long after my surgery and up to this point.  If you don't want to look then close your eyes or don't scroll down****

Today marks exactly ONE YEAR from when I had my bilateral mastectomy and in FIVE days I will be going under the knife for my reconstruction. To think of how excited I am for this surgery versus how absolutely petrified I was for my first surgery is an amazing feeling. After I had my mastectomy I didn't mind the expanders, once the piercing pain went away, but as I have gotten my tissue expansions they have become more annoying than anything. They are tight, which means they have NO give when I bump into things, they are SO awkward, one is bigger than the other, and apparently they hurt whoever I hug. The closest way I can compare this to anyone who hasn't gone through this is is pregnancy. Obviously I haven't gotten the chance yet to experience all the joys of growing a human, but I've heard by the end every woman is uncomfortable, just wants it to be done and to meet their little monster. My situation is exact in the way I am SO ungodly uncomfortable, I'm over the whole "hey, I can make them wink" look and I'm ready for it to be done.  Literally when I jump, they don't move it's like having two boulders strapped to your chest.

To get a slight idea of how uncomfortable they are this is what I started with after my surgery and maybe a fill or two.

tissue expansion, breast cancer, breast cancer survivor, survivor, reconstruction, plastic surgery, scars

And this is what I have expanded out to:

tissue expansion, breast cancer, breast cancer survivor, survivor, reconstruction, plastic surgery, scars

My plastic surgeon over expanded me in the right (your right, my left) boob because I was a little off balance, so I'm at 750cc's in that one and 650cc's in the left (your left, my right) boob.  They look crazy weird right now, but once my reconstruction is completed and I'm all healed up I'm positive my results will look amazing!

Typically the turn around from mastectomy with expanders to the reconstruction is only a few months, but due to my chemo regiment, running out of FMLA and my want to feel "normal", if that is possible, I put it off until now.  Excited is an understatement for how I feel about this upcoming surgery!  Ask me how I feel about it when I wake up though?

I am welcoming this surgery and cannot wait for that evening to be at home, relaxing and healing.

On another exciting note, I'm coming up on seven months since I've finished chemo and my hair is growing in really nice!!

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  1. I had My reconstruction in March of This year and i'm very happy with It. Good Luck To You xx

    1. It's been a few months since my reconstruction and I'm totally loving the results!! I hope that all is well with you!

      Em C

  2. Thanks for being brave on so many levels.
    "That evening" is almost here, isn't it? :-)

  3. Oh, I'm really excited for you, Emily! Sorry I missed your post when it came in. I can't wait to see the final result. The short hair suits you incredibly well. You look so cute and fresh! :)
    I have been somewhat depressed --have just started on Taxol, thank god the EC chemo is over. That was awful. My chemotherapy will last until 16 October. I can't wait for my hair to grow back, I've missed it terribly. Can't wait for the 2nd phase of my reconstruction either. You may remember I've had a DIEP flap and very happy with it so far.
    Best of luck to you! xxx