Monday, April 14, 2014

House on the Market, Furnace Issues and Our Inspection!!

We honestly don't have a real need to move, it was just another one of our sporadic, crazy things we wanted to try. Both the hubs and I didn't think that our house would sell so quickly... Once we finished the downstairs bedroom, we thought, "hey let's see if it will sell!" We thought, if it did, great, and if it didn't... great too, but we really didn't think it would go! Two days on the market and we had an offer.

To say you love your house is an understatement for us. The blood, sweat, tears and long hours that we have put into this house, to make it our home, really show through all the details in the work we have done. The hubs and I were talking today that we don't really know anyone who loves their house like we do. This house has given us a roof over our head, has hosted many parties and holidays, has had many, many good times and allowed us to overcome the bad times. This house has allowed the hubs and I to share four and a half amazing years together! This house gave me comfort after my bilateral mastectomy, my many chemo treatments and my many sad times through my breast cancer journey. We will miss our home and hope that it gives the next owner(s) many happy years as well...

I think the main reason why we want to move is to be closer to our family, but most importantly, since all of my cancer crap has been going on, and since I've been done with chemo, I like to keep my mind as busy as possible so I don't have to think of all the "what if's" that come through my mind... I figure if the hubs and I can have another "project" to keep us busy over the next couple of years, it will make the time go by and then we can finally start our family in whatever house we land with.

We went out this weekend with our Realtor, who lined up four showings. It absolutely amazes me the condition of the homes on the market and what the sellers think they can get for them. A lot of the houses that we have looked at are in poor condition, or need a ton of work, but the price being asked is almost ridiculously high, except for one house that we put an offer in on. YES! We put an offer in and they accepted. The only catch is that the house already has one offer in on it, so we are secondary. The contingency on the first offer is that they sell their house, so with that said, if it doesn't sell within the next two days it is looking like the hubs and I won't be homeless in less then a month!

After the showings and sending in our offer for the home that we LOVE, we went home to tie up any loose ends before Sunday's inspection. While doing so, our furnace decided to take a crap on us. Yes. we have lived in the house for over four years and it's ran true and true, but the day before the inspection the blower motor decides to go kerplunk on us. We have a Lenox variable speed furnace and while they are energy efficient, the parts can be on the expensive side...Needless to say after finding out the cost to have it replaced is about $1,000.00 give or take a little bit, I had a mental breakdown. That is a lot of money to fork out, but obviously it needs to be done because although it is mid April in Wisconsin, apparently mother nature thinks is late February early March, because it has been cooler than normal and it would be nice to have some heat in our house. So, in my panic I called around. A few companies that I called didn't get back to me but I eventually called West Allis Heating and AC and it was 6:50PM and to my surprise a HUMAN answered the phone. Not an automated answering service saying they were closed but to call the "emergency line" and leave a message and someone will get back to you, and they never call once you leave the message, a real person, AN ACTUAL REAL PERSON.  On a Saturday.  Again at 6:50PM!!!!  I told her my predicament and she took down my information and within 10 minutes I was on the phone with a technician. I got the appointment for this morning and he insured me that they will be able to get my furnace up and running in no time!! I breathed a HUGE sigh of relief, although it's expensive, I know it will get done and be done right!

And right now as I type WE HAVE HEAT!!!!!**  Woo-hoo!!  I definitely did a little "we have heat finally dance"!!!!!!  It was a beautiful sound to hear that forced air working!!!!

We also had the inspection on our house yesterday!! I was SO nervous...all the work that we have done is solid, but with owning an old home you learn quick to expect the unexpected and to not be surprised! There were a few very minor things that came up (a GFI outlet needs to be switched out, a furnace tune-up and a hose coming out of the furnace needs to be put on) and it will all be taken care of this week! What is it about an inspection that scares you? Because they scare me...

So now we have an appraisal later this week. Today's the 14th and we officially have less than a month to pack...Holy crap!


  1. Congratulations on selling your house in such a short time! It must have been in great condition. Anyway, that’s quite an unfortunate situation you had regarding the furnace, and it has cost you a lot of money just to have it fixed. I hope you don’t encounter this anymore in your new home. Take care!

    Brett Rogers @ Flame Furnace

  2. The one thing I wanted to share with your readers is something that could make them buckets of money. We turned two small rooms into one large bedroom over the years. Before we sold, we switched it back to two bedrooms, and then listed the house as four beds not three. It sold the next day for $50,000 more that we originally thought.

    Andy Jones @ AQS Comfort