Saturday, February 8, 2014

Downstairs Bedroom: Flooring Dilemma

So I said here that we had started to take on our downstairs bedroom. I was elated to find out that the hardwood floors under the gross carpet. Our plan was to buy some bare hardwood flooring and feather in the new wood into the existing flooring, sand it all down, stain and poly it. most of our projects this one is proving to be WAY more difficult then we expected and have run into a little speed bump, and when I say speed bump, I mean gaps in flooring and one side not matching the other-bump.

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The gaps between the original flooring and what we are trying to feather in are ridiculous, no amount of nails will help and the hubs has concluded that it will only get worse as he continues...

So we have two plans:

Plan A.  Continue trying to feather in the flooring and run into more headaches then we know what to do with and probably want to kill eachother and have the floors still end up looking like crap because the room used to be two rooms and the flooring does NOT match up


Plan B. Take out the flooring, save it for other projects and use plywood.

So unless a miracle happens and the floors adjust and that gap goes away... "Plan B" is the WINNER!!!!! The official name for Plan B is called: Operation Hardwood Flooring Didn't Work and We Don't Have The Money For Carpet, So We Are Going To Try Painting The Ply Wood.

I had a eureka moment and I think the hubs and I have made a compromise. We eventually are going to want carpet in that room (at least that is our thought right now and it changes daily), but we are in the mean time going to paint the sub floors.


 So wish us luck cause we have a lot to get done on our next off days....and we are SO ready to get these floors done.

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