Monday, February 18, 2013

Kitchen Update!

The hubs and I have been busting our buns on this kitchen to finish all the small details that have been holding us back from having it be 100% done.  Although no house is "completely finished"...ever, because there is always something that can be done we are trying to take care of the small things before it gets warm out because we have plans to focus more on the outside of our house and landscaping this summer.

We really need a door there because in the winter we waste so much heat through that back hallway that it doesn't make sense to have it off.  We wanted to add some character to the other side of the kitchen but I wasn't quite sure until I saw on OurVintageHomeLove's blog they had a French door in their kitchen painted a funky green color.  Right at that moment I had a eureka moment and signed the hubs up for yet another project! kitchen renovation
We ended up getting the pre primed single French door from Menards for around $130.00 and got it in about a week.  The door was relatively easy to install, but the only downside to it was each window pane was covered in plastic, then over the plastic the entire door was primed.  When we tried to take off the plastic we had issues with chipping paint flying everywhere.  If anyone decides to get this door, we recommend you take a box cutter and cut out around the edges then pull out the plastic. There will still be paint that falls on the floor, but not nearly as much!  Once we got it in, the hubs installed it with the original hardware, which was quite a process and we ended up with a ton of wood shavings all over the ground.

kitchen renovation

The next day I went to Sherwin Williams and picked up my paint.  I ended up using the same color as our living room, Sherwin Williams Grandiose (SW6404).  It either comes in a flat or a super shiny gloss, and the guy at the store recommended I go with the flat because once it's dried it looks like a semi gloss and is super durable.  This is after one coat.

Kitchen Renovation
And this is after a few more coats of paint!

Kitchen Renovation
I ended up painting the other side a semi gloss black, nothing special, but I do really like the way it turned out!

Kitchen Renovation
It definitely feels good to be ONE STEP CLOSER to having this kitchen project in the bag!

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