Thursday, February 21, 2013

For the Love of Our Dogs

The hubs and I absolutely LOVE dogs! Growing up I didn't have any dogs myself because my mom and I lived in an apartment, but the hubs always had dogs at his house. We both always thought our first dog together was going to be a golden retriever. The breed has always been a favorite of ours, but a few years back we were introduced to the sweetest English Springer Spaniel named Chase! 

When we found out that Chase's sister was going to be having puppies, we jumped at the opportunity to have one! My mom and BD were also going to get one of the pups so Chase would have a playmate.

I can remember the first time we went to see the puppies after they were born, just a floppy, adorable mess of squeaky dogs.

 The breeder is a friend of the families and when he picked up our future dog and handed her to us we were so excited! She was so small she could fit in my hand...I immediately wanted to take her home that day but couldn't...

We went back a few more times to check on the pups' progress and growth and each time they got cuter and cuter!

We were going to initially name our pup Dyna since we have a Harley Dyna Super Glide, but after some talking we decided on seemed to fit her personality better!  The day we finally got to take her home was the most exciting day for us. She was this cute, stumbling little pup..oh and of course sleepy!

That was about three years ago, so now rewind to last April (2012). The hubs and I were leaving later in the week on a trip to Oahu to celebrate our 5 year anniversary when I got a call from a friend who had a dog that their landlord wouldn't let them keep due to her size. My friend knew that the hubs and I have been talking about getting another dog so June would have someone to keep her company. The hubs and I went over and brought June with to see how they'd mesh! The lab and June got along great, but wanted to try a "sleep over" to see how the girls would get along at our house! The dogs name was Sugar and is the sweetest Lab-mix dog.

Sugar was sold/given away on Craigslist from a family that apparently couldn't take care of her anymore. The hubs and I made it our mission to make sure that our home was going to be her forever home. We've been working with her to train her properly. We found some stitches in her that were almost healed through when we got her, since have been removed. This family that gave her up didn't include any paperwork, so the hubs and I had to do vet visits with her to get her completely up to date with everything! With us leaving on our trip I was worried because June was going to stay with my mom and their two dogs for the week and wasn't sure if there would be room for Sugar. As soon as we left I called my mom and we brought June and Sugar over and it was sealed. Sugar. Was. Ours. She was great with Bella (June's sister) and Chase. Her demeanor and temperament was great and all she wanted to do was play with the other pups.

It was like she had been around them forever. It's been almost a year with Sugar and three with June and the hubs and I honestly don't remember what life was like before them!