Sunday, June 5, 2016

27 Week Bump

Why hello THIRD trimester, so nice to meet you!

How Far Along: 27 weeks!
Feeling: A lot better then I was.  I was on vacation this past week and for three days of it I was experiencing a lot of sharp pains in my chest when I would sleep at night.  Once Friday rolled around, I decided to let my OB know since I didn't want to go into the weekend stressing about it and she recommended I go in to the ER to get checked out.  After several hours, a blood draw, and a xray the doctor couldn't find anything to conclude that it was a blood clot, and based on me only having the pain at night we decided to monitor it over the weekend and if it got worse, or came back I would go back in.  So happy to report that it did NOT and the last two nights have been amazing sleep-wise!
Weight: I haven't even checked.....
Cravings: Things have kind of tapered off and I'm just eating whatever!
Mae & June: They both are definitely momma's girls.
Sleep: I can always use more, but feeling much better now that I'm not having chest pain.
Energy: The swelling in my feet is putting a damper on my ability to do anything, but I'm managing.
Looking Forward To: We've been making tons of progress on the nursery and just have a few more loose ends to tie up before we can call it DONE!

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