Sunday, May 15, 2016

24 Week Bump

Woo-hoo to making it to SIX months!!

How Far Along: 24 weeks!!!  I've made it to the six month mark!
Feeling: Tired.  I've officially started setting alarms to get in an afternoon nap before work...
Weight: I'm a gaining, about 2ish pounds 
Cravings: French toast and donuts
Mae & June: So sweet.  
Sleep: I'm sleeping but it's becoming more and more of a process to roll over :)
Energy: This past week I noticed a huge decrease in my energy, napping is most definitely a priority before work and I'm noticing I have to take more breaks between projects.
Looking Forward To: Seeing my babies again on the 19th for their ultrasound!

*I recently celebrated the big 3-0 Birthday with family over dinner!  If you would have asked me five years ago how I'd be celebrating my 30th, I'd say you were crazy if I thought I would be pregnant.  I probably would have guessed that it would have involved cocktails and more than likely me mending a hangover the next day.  I actually woke up the next day to the feeling of my baby boys bouncing around inside! *Best.  Feeling.  Ever*

Now time for a nap.

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