Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Our Newest Addition

It's not what you may be thinking. Nope. Most definitely no kids. We don't need any three-eyed crack chemo babies walking around. And no, June (our fur baby) doesn't have a fur-sister or fur-brother. Instead we bought and planted a tree. I know, I know...SOOO exciting.

flowering crab tree, tree, landscaping, second house, outside

You know you're getting old when you spend your time hunting down the type of tree you want and are jumping up and down for joy when you find "the one". I love flowering crab trees. I've always wanted one but the yard we had at our old house was too small for us to plant one. One thing that I loved when we first looked at our current house was the amount of yard space and once we closed on the house I was very excited about the prospects of planting our very own tree.

After doing my research and searching and searching some more we brought home this little guy and got him planted in the ground: He was the smallest one, the runt...but I've always had a thing for the underdog. Don't ask me why our tree is a he, it just works.  Officially he is a Snowdrift Flowering Crab Tree and we bought him from Steins for about $50.  With gift cards, coupons and the tree being on sale, we managed to have $4.00 left on our gift card.  Winning!

If everything goes as planned and I don't somehow kill him, in a few years our newest addition will look like this:

flowering crab tree, tree, landscaping, second house, outside

So far our tree is doing well, he has held out that past couple of storms and is hanging in there!!

flowering crab tree, tree, landscaping, second house, outside


  1. Nice. I love gardening myself. Is that the driveway up to your house? That's quite a bit of space indeed.

    1. Yes! The driveway does lead up to the house and its a lot more than we had!