Monday, May 12, 2014

Our New Home!!

We will fill everyone in on the details later but WE CLOSED!!!!! We handed over the keys to our house and got the keys for our new house!! Boy oh boy it is such a relief to not have the worry of the sale of our house falling through or our home burning down and being stuck!  

new house, sold, buying a home, excited homeowners

Now we are eager to get our hands dirty making this house our home!!


  1. Yea!! Does this mean you have a whole new "canvas" for your creative FYI obsession?? Can't wait to read about your next project.

    1. Oh yes it does!!! We are so excited and are actually in the middle of some stuff right now! :)

  2. Make that DYI-- hate that auto - correct thing!!

  3. All your efforts has finally paid off, as you now have the keys to your new house. Congratulations! Now you can start transforming your new house into the home you've always wanted. I hope you have fun with your future renovation projects!

    Jeffery Ramsey @ InnerCityYYC

  4. The long wait finally paid off, as you are now holding the keys to your new house! Congratulations! The whole thing certainly looks like a rollercoaster ride, what with all the the ups and downs you went through in selling your old house and the buying process of your new house. But in the end, it’s all worth it. Cheers!

    Verna Andrews @ RE/MAX