Friday, May 9, 2014

Moving Made Easy...

We could have moved how we did when we moved into our house. One small U-Haul, a trailer and our SUV... That way would have taken us 75 years to get it done, plus we don't have any place to store our stuff since we can't move into our new house till we close on May 12th. The reason we moved out all of our stuff the last weekend in April was because it was the only weekend the hubs and I had off together before we closed.

We tossed around different ideas of how were were going to move our vast amounts of stuff that we've accumulated over the past 4-ish years. A bigger U-Haul. More trailers. Rummage sale. Leaving it all there. Renting a storage unit. Breaking everything into millions of pieces with a baseball bat. Burning down the house. ALL of those crossed our minds. Then we had the eureka moment when we decided to bite the bullet and rent a POD...well actually two PODS.

moving, PODS, new house, moving out

All I'm saying is that getting one was the BEST decision I've ever made when it comes to moving and I will NEVER use anything else! They deliver the POD. You can leave it however long you need and then you can schedule to have it picked up. You don't even have to be there when they are delivered or picked up, which is AMAZING for this busy lady! You can either tackle all of it online, or you can call them up and they will help with the arrangements. I'd say call, because at least for me, the website was a little confusing for this first-timer. Initially I thought that one POD would be more than enough for our house. Holy crap was I wrong and I'm happy that the hubs and I listened to my mom and got a second one because by the time we were all done packing, BOTH were completely packed like a can of sardines and we had our SUV, my car, a trailer, the back of a truck and a U-Haul cargo van FILLED! So, we probably could have used three, but at 9:30 PM the night we were moving everything was a little late to get one there and we were getting impatient and cold! For being the end of April, it definitely felt like February and it's getting ridiculous.

moving, PODS, new house, moving out

One of our friends said our house is a combo of American Pickers and Hoarders, minus the dirty diapers and hundreds of Gatorade bottles everywhere...we actually had more space to walk. Needless to say, I'm having a stinkin' rummage sale this summer because it is a little ridiculous how one married couple, with no kids can have SO much stuff. But to my defense, it's all old, antique, family heirlooms or things with sentimental value attached to them...

So... maybe I have a problem. It could be worse!!

Well after a full day of packing, another full day of cleaning, packing and throwing stuff out our house was most definitely looking a lot more empty. And PODS came to pick up the PODS on Monday, which was GREAT!

Two things I highly advise, that I didn't think of till the day they were delivered:

1. Check with your city, village or town on whether you need a permit. I did, and although it was free, I still had to file it with our city hall.

2. You will probably need a flashing barricade. I had one for each end of our PODS (2 in total) which I got from this company. If you are in the Milwaukee area, they are located right in Oak Creek. Their prices are SUPER reasonable. I rented two flashing barricades, for four days and it was $15.00. Not too bad since I thought it was going to be a lot more!

moving, PODS, new house, moving out, city permits, permits, barricades, flashing barricades, pickers, hoarders

Now we wait to have them delivered after our closing and start the unpacking process..... Wish us luck!!

***We were not paid by PODS to write this post. I just found how easy and convenient it was and wanted to share that awesomeness with my readers***


  1. I always thought if we would move or even in the process of selling the house, we would need a POD to remove some of our stuff. Good luck on the move. You'll have to post some pictures of the new house.

  2. Thanks for the info! I have been looking into getting one of these and after reading your blog, my mind is made up! I am certain I will be getting one. They seem to be pretty convenient and if the price is right, it sounds like a can't lose situation.

    Donald Corral @ Hansen & Adkins Auto Transport

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