Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Nip it in the Breast...Cancer Benefit

I want to start out by saying that Chad and I are so unbelievable grateful for the friends, family, coworkers, old coworkers, extended family, friends that I consider family, family that I also consider my friends, my friends' family that I consider my family,in-laws, out-laws, friends of friends, old high school classmates and people who don't even know Chad and I who either donated something for the benefit, helped out at the benefit, came out to support mine and Chad's fight against the beast otherwise known as breast cancer, or anyone who just wanted a cold beer and some great food.  It was awesome to be able to see people that we haven't seen in a loOOooOOnnngggg time and we are so happy that everyone was able to make it out!!

Obviously my diagnosis completely came out of left field and left the hubs and I in a position financially, emotionally and physically that we were not expecting. Honestly, regardless if someone has a family history and may be expecting it or not, I believe that hearing "you have breast cancer" (or any type of cancer), is still something that knocks someone and their loved ones off their feet. So once we found out, got back on our feet, and wiped the dirt and shock off, the idea sprouted to hold a benefit to help the hubs and I out financially with my medical bills and time off of work not only for this year, but for the next couple of years, since my chemo will probably run into 2014, along with my reconstruction and additional treatments and follow up visits with doctors and also my  prescriptions for Tamoxifen that I will have to be on for the next 10 years....yup. 10 years. All of those add up.

The hubs and I could not have done any of this without everyone's help, from BD and my mom cooking and working the most amazing, fabulous food ever, to our friend Josh, his kids and his awesome wife, Carrie for helping out with tickets, t-shirts, raffle items, setting up, taking down, to my sisters friend along with a few of my friends for helping with raffle tickets, to our friend Bob aka DJ Panama who came out and provided the amazing mixes at both locations, to my mamaw (Aunt Kathy) for all of her help with anything we needed that day (plus every day) and everyone else who had a part in making this benefit such a success....we are so grateful!

My amazing sister was the ring leader for putting this benefit together! She, along with a ton of great people who came together to help pool gift baskets, gift cards, and lots of other items for the silent auction and raffle that we held.

With help from an absolutely great friend, Crystal, she put together a golf outing for foursomes to sign up and play nine holes at Deer Haven Golf Course in New Berlin, with several winners for different contests and having the remaining proceeds go to help out the hubs and I.  I am so grateful to her for all of her hard work and organization in putting this together!

We both give a huge thanks to both our friend Bry, the owner of Tee It Up Golf Range located in New Berlin, WI and Scott, the owner of Haybalers Saloon also located in New Berlin, WI for allowing the benefit to start out at Tee It Up and end up at Haybalers.  We were so grateful for both of them coming through for us!!  Without them this would not have been as much of a success!

We were completely taken back by our friend Eric and his wife Lindsay.  They live a few hours away and managed to come down and not only did we have a few beers with them (later in the night), but Eric tattoos, and brought down all of his equipment and did tattoos on people who wanted them and the proceeds went to the hubs and I.  He owns his own shop, Tackle Box Tattoo Parlor does amazing work and comes highly recommended to anyone who is up in the Crivitz, WI area stop by or give him a call to get tattooed!  We cannot thank them enough for what they did for us!!!

We also managed to get some head shaving/color hair spraying in while at Tee It Up!!  It was great to see the support!!

The outpouring of support from people was overwhelming at times and both the hubs and I are so thankful!  With the money that we were able to raise we will be able to cover our medical bills and follow up appointments next year and into the following years!!

Thank you for everyone who came out, from the bottom of our hearts, the hubs and I are so grateful!!!!!!

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